How can I book face painter or balloon twister for my event?

You can book your event online or kindly call us at 315 395 4955


Do I have to pay all payment right away?

booking means not have to pay now. just book your spot and we will send an agreement contract for your place date and time. then you need to pay a security deposit to make your spot sure.


How can I make Payment?

you can pay with credit card on our SSL Secure website or you can send check to us or you can pay cash. but security deposit should pay before 3 days of the event date.


What is the Cancellation Policy?

You can cancel anytime your event 3 days before your event date and your security deposit will be refunded. after 3 days you can not able to get back your security deposit.


if I want to extend my event time for an hour or more what is the situation for it?

If your party goes more than we planned you should pay $50 per extended half hours. 


Can I request any party theme?

Yes, of course. just let us know which theme you want.

Please be aware, if your event address in Staten Island or NYC or more than 35 miles on our store, it will affect to your final bill. Thanks